NewWell HRC

The HRC (Heart Rate Cell) is a perfect tool for beginners and large groups. The easy navigation and automated upload of pedometer readings or sports functions such as GPS and heart rate readings. The HRC makes an active life simpler with calling, texting and 500 contact address book built in. the HRC also comes with an SOS call feature to train safely. The HRC battery lasts 3-4 days with a single charge when used as a watch and checking the pedometer. Calling, text messages and active screen use decrease battery life incrementally. When using the sport view the GPS and heart rate functions are active as well as sending data to cloud services. Sports view can track 3.5-5 hours of exercise on a single charge. In pedometer live data sending mode the battery lasts approximately 15 hours on a single charge.


  • Dimensions
  • Wrist Heart Rate
  • Pedometer
  • Touch Screen
  • Journal & Analysis
  • Data Storing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • SOS
  • Smart Phone
$400Ambit2 Black
  • 50 x 50 x 18mm, 89g
  • Integrated
  • Manual with cable
$450Forerunner 910xt
  • 54 x 61 x 15mm, 70g
  • Integrated
  • Manual with Blue Tooth
  • 47 x 47 x 13mm, 79g
  • Integrated
  • Manual with Cable
  • Belt approx. 30g
  • Manual with Blue Tooth

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